June 25Th $500 JAX FOOS
Thanks to the owner of UBC, our monthly Double Event Saturday will pay out up to $550 for 10 teams!

Here's the deal, at 7 pm we start a DYP with a base entry fee of $5. We add 50% on top of entry fees, as usual. With 10 teams, that's a $150 payout.

At 9 pm, we'll start the Main Event BYP, with a base entry fee of $10. We also add 50% to the purse. That makes $150 for 5 teams and $300 for 10 teams.

We're not stopping there!

With 5 teams, we'll add a $50 bonus to the BYP payout, bringing it to $200 for just 5 teams.

For 10 teams, we'll add another $50 to the BYP, making it a $400 payout!

If we get more than 10 teams, we'll start scheduling the DYP to start at 6 pm for upcoming Double Event Saturdays, and work on getting another table. Currently, we have three well maintained T-3000's, and we just got a new batch of balls for tournament play.